World Access

Snapchat, it is how I have access to the world.

Just heard on a conference call this guy has over 5,000 distributors on his team in Australia… How many did he sign up or personally knew??? Zero!

Reports came in that Snapchat now has over 10 billion daily video views. That is a 150% increase in just under a year. (It was at 4 billion May of last year). It is amazing to think the access that people have to information and the ease at which they can share that information with others. Snapchat, even in its limitations (10 second videos) is being used by marketers and small business to gain massive followings and introduce products.

world access snapchat and mlm

Personally Snapchat has taken me around the world. Updating me on important news events and brought me front and center to celebrations and cultural events.

Snapchat has something good going for it and will continue to grow its user base. After the original video sharing platforms has lost its novelty it will incorporate its augmented reality technology into other products and service. Snapchat as we know it is just at the start of its journey.

What does Snapchat have to do with 5,000 distributors in Australia?

The point is, that guy is getting paid of products sold by more than 5,000 people who he had never met. Technology, relationships, word of mouth, diffusion of ideas these are all things that happen for companies like snapchat to grow to 100 million users or a network marketing company to branch out to 5,000 distributors. I have never met anyone that has ever worked for Snapchat. I could not tell you where the company is located or anything about any of the programmers there. Nor do they know me. Yet they make money becaue i use their service.

MLM needs to be viewed as any other company

The same principles that go into the massive growth of simple tech companies are the same principles that go into the massive growth of an MLM. The only difference, who is getting paid for it.
The reason to join a current MLM company now is because it is an opportunity to operate a legitimate business with major growth potential for a low upfront cost and no overhead.

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