USA vs Costa Rica … Colombia vs Paraguay

Copa America 2016 in process

USA-4, Costa Rica-0 Copa America 2016 week two.

Only a few years back I would have never even heard about what was happening in the Copa America. I did not follow futbol, I did not play it, I could not tell you any of the teams or players involved. It was a sport that existed but not in my world. Things are always changing though. I am no longer that fan who only tunes in every four years for the world cup but rather I actually turned on a game the other night in the first week of Copa America. I still am not a raving fan. I still am clueless as to many things but I have spent a couple nights the past month chasing a ball up and down a field.

There seems to be more people interested.

This made the blog because USA vs Costa Rica and Colombia vs Paraguay were top searches in Google. Either I am more involved so it seems that other people are more involved or our world cultures are beginning to mesh more and more. Sounds great but what does this have to do with network marketing?

Picture a week like this.

At the last world cup, I was inspired by a man who takes the week off and goes to a resort to watch all the first round games. Genius idea. Sounds extreme but yet… intriguing. Most people are so busy with their lives that the world cup becomes the futbol cram session. It’s a good excuse to take a break and catch some of the most exciting games of the sport. But let’s go back to that resort idea. Imagine taking a week for no reason other than to relax and watch some games. It does not even have to be futbol. What if you rented out a restaurant for a paper view fight night? What if you got a hotel just to watch the Superbowl or the NBA finals? (although I would not suggest a cruise for the NBA finals. I was on a ship when the Miami Heat was in the finals and there was a crowd of about 50 people standing room only looking up with kinked necks at little TV at the corner of the bar)
The point is, turning fun little events into memorable experiences. Make a little thing a big deal and enjoy it.
Network marketing makes that possible.

MLM tries to make everything an event or celebration.

When there is money there to make it happen and the time  freedom to enjoy it, why not? MLM breeds a culture of fun. It s a group of people who look for excuses to get together have fun and build relationships by turning simple things into memorable events. If you are following La Copa America it is a reason to join a current MLM. Maybe by the next world cup you can enjoy the games from a relaxing resort.

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