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Ubook Review Greatest Networker

Ubook Review of the week:

The Greatest Networker by John Milton Fogg

The Greatest Networker made the list of 52 must read books for network marketing professionals because it is the stories of the people who have succeeded. In MLM we hear plenty of stories of the people who tried and did not make it. We hear about the neighbours, uncles and brothers- in- law who spent thousands and never made a penny. Or the ex-wife’s sisters Sunday school teacher who was “caught up” in something. These stories travel fast and wide and they stick in our memories for long periods of time.

Its important to hear and read the stories of success in this profession.

You will find in the Greatest Networker and this Ubook Review that the stories are of ordinary people. Many times they were the people most likely not to succeed. The rags to riches stories are always so inspiring because when you look at the situations people are in, its not anything unusual They are situations any of us can find ourselves in and many of us have even been in at some point.

Whenever I am doubting, I read the stories of people who have succeeded.

When you are in medical school and it is tough, you do not go talk to the medical students who dropped out to find encouragement. It doesn’t help for someone to say, “Well I couldn’t do it but maybe you can.” No, you talk to the ones who have done it. The ones who can say, “I was in the same situation as you and I pulled through.” Unfortunately in MLM many people get discouraged and end up talking to the people who couldn’t make it work either. Then they get upset and fired up about how it is impossible for anyone to do it. It’s a reason to get the book, The Greatest Networker.

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