Simple Invention Tells It All

Move It, one simple invention that makes life easier.

Problem: Carrying a box across town.

Sure a simple box may not be that heavy. One could carry it a short distance, but a couple miles later it becomes a strain. Don’t think so? Try holding a one pound weight in the air. Hold it there for five minutes without resting your arm. It is not easy. So the problem is not just the weight of the box but the fact that it needs to be carried for a long distance.

Problem:  Sustaining a retirement plan for 40 years.

Here is the real problem. We all have a box we need to carry. Financial freedom. Whether is real heavy or not is not the the biggest issue right now. It is the fact that it needs to be sustained throughout a lifetime. It may be a daunting task that many people just do not even try. Just as in this video in London, I am sure there are many people who refrain from buying or acquiring certain things simply because the task of getting it back home is not worth the reward.

The Solution?

Wheels and a handle!

This simple invention has the right idea. Attach some wheels on it, a handle and roll with it. So the real question becomes…

What if the box is a side business that puts extra money in your pocket every month?

It may be heavy, it may be awkward, and it may seem too much to carry around all day. On and off the subway, through the streets, having to carry a box would be too much of a hassle. It may not be be worth the reward. That may be what it seems like to many people; to start something on the side that puts extra money in the their pocket.

What if I told you that MLM was the handle and wheels?

Now this problem of a side business just got a whole lot easier. MLM is a kit. Its a duplicatable system. It’s here to make that task of carrying a side business around easier and manageable.

The reason to join a current MLM? It’s a means to your dreams. Sure, it is not the only way. You can carry the burden of becoming financially independent yourself, but why? Slap some wheels and a handle on it. Join a network marketing company and make residual income slide into your life more smoothly.

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