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Secret to Success: Put Success in Your Way

Secret to Success

written by Bob Clark originally posted on Dr Bob and Rosemary Clark Blog on March 28, 2016

Success in your way So many people are looking for the secrets to success in business…

Like the secret is some magic word, incantation, or the latest, greatest marketing system.

If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I tend to be DIRECT and to the point, so here it is in regards to building a successful business:

Success is a process.

Success is a journey.

Success is NO accident.

You know all those “overnight success stories” that marketers are so happy to talk about?

The people who seem to come out of nowhere, brand new in your company and have HUGE success right out of the gate, ending up on stage at your company event.

I’ll bet you next month’s mortgage payment that there’s FAR more to the story.

Success is a process and a journey, there are no exceptions!

Quote this:

There’s ALWAYS a back story when it comes to someone’s quick success!


While there may be no real secrets to success, there are ways to make things easier to attain success.

There are ways to…


Bob did a training on three tips to put success in your way. The third tip was, Limit your decisions.

Limit Your Decisions

Decisions are distractions.

The more decisions you make in a day, the harder they become.

It’s like your brain gets fried trying to make decision after decision and as a result…

Your decisions become less and less effective!

I’m not just talking about business decisions here.

I’m talking about the TOTAL number of decisions you are making daily…

  • When to wake up?
  • What to wear?
  • Whether to shave or not?
  • What to have for breakfast?
  • Who to have lunch with?
  • Should you go to the gym after work or not?
  • What to make for dinner?

You get the idea.

These are all decisions that are admittedly small, but contribute to decision overload and take away from your decision-making ability when it comes to the more important ones.

Especially when it comes to your business!

If you’re Part Time in your business like me, you’ve likely had to make dozens of small decisions during the day before you even get to make ONE business decision.

And that’s not good.

The trick?

The trick is to erase as many of these small, mundane decisions as you can…

With the use of routines that turn into habits.

Routines Are One Of The Secrets To Success

Setting up routines during your day is simple to do.

I’m betting you’ve already done it in many parts of your day.

Do you have a morning routine?

Shower, shave, dress, makeup, feed the dog/cat, wake up the kids, prepare breakfast…

You can probably do it in your sleep!


Take many of the small decisions you make every day and turn them into habits and routines so you no longer have to make them!

You can do the same with your business…

Examples of Putting Success In Your Way… For Business

Try these business routines out for size:

  • Work on your mindset on your way to and from work by listening to audios.
  • Using your lunch hour to call leads or follow up with prospects.
  • Sit down at your computer to work on your business at the same time each day (or a time you decided on previously).
  • At the end of each night, write down the ONE THING you can do for your business tomorrow that will have the most impact.
  • Every Sunday night, sit down with your family, review your schedules and carve out business time.

These are all examples of setting up routines to eliminate unnecessary decisions.

Then you can save up your Decision Making power for the ones that truly matter!


What does this have to do with joining a MLM?

Putting success in your way also means getting in front of great opportunities. Success in MLM leads to success in many other aspects of life and business. Joining an MLM will teach you principles such as these taught by Bob and many more.

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