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This MLM blog features local news and trending tales that tell a story of lives. A story of organizations. A story of the world around us. Because Network Marketing is alive and thriving, I believe these situations can all be connected. The top reasons to join a direct sales company are all around us and happening daily. This blog incorporates that to shed light on the Network Marketing Profession.

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Because we take recent events and hot trending news to relate to in this blog, the reasons to join are always current. Our profession emphasizes positive vibes and building people up, the news unfortunately is constantly negative. With this in mind we will try to stay focused on entertainment news or scientific. philosophical or philanthropic. However, sometimes many good things come from unfortunate events. We hope that if we report and bring light to these unfortunate events that it will be done respectively and with a positive spin with hopes for a better future outcome.

The direct selling industry has grown substantially in this decade. Wellness products continue to top the charts in category of sales. The profession continues to have three times as many females than males. While these are some basic facts about the MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales industry this blog will not put too much emphasis on these facts but rather how they are influencing everyday life. Or what kind of impact this is making on the rest of the business and personal environment. In examples or places where there was no impact we will explore if there could have been an impact.

Network Marketing is a person to person word of mouth business. It exists as relationships exist. We encourage you to take what you see or read in this blog and talk about it with those you confide in. Engage in discussion of MLM and you will find how interesting and truly unique the profession is.

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