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Imagine for a moment…

that it is in the middle of summers hottest month. The sun has been blazing for what has seemed like weeks now and although everything is dry its still green and beautiful outside, but it is just really hot. You have been working outside most of the day, you can’t stop the sweat rolling down your neck. Your throat is parched. Oh how you desire something cool to drink at this moment. You’re almost finished with what you are working on and are about to walk back into the house when you see a neighbor across the street outside on their porch. Its been a while since you have talked to them and you have been meaning to stop by recently. Now would be a great chance but after hours in the sun you just want to cool off. You decide you’re already dehydrated, drenched in sweat and now somewhat adjusted to the heat that a few more minutes to say hello couldn’t hurt.

You walk across the street and approach your neighbor’s house. As you get closer you see them on the shaded porch sitting on a comfortable wicker chair positioned next to a small table stand. Placed on the table is a large pitcher of lemonade and a few empty glasses. You greet your neighbor and try to listen to their reply but the pitcher of lemonade was too distracting. You tune out your neighbor telling you about their morning as you focus on the large drops of condensation pooled up and ready to slide down the outside of the pitcher signifying the lemonade is cool and assuredly refreshing. You snap back into the conversation and begin saying something back when your neighbor picks up the pitcher and pours a glass of lemonade. You hear the ice cubes clinking the sides of the glass. You’ve finished your sentence as your neighbor is in mid stride of raising his glass to take a drink.

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Its silent as you watch what seemed liked 10 minutes of them gulping down the glass. It must have been refreshing to them because they poured themselves a second glass. The conversation continued and the other cup sat empty on the table while your neighbor openly enjoyed the lemonade. Even when the conversation turned to how hot it was soooo hot outside and how you were anxious to get back to cool off you still never received an invitation to enjoy that lemonade.

Maybe he did not want to offend you by offering a glass? Maybe he did not know what you would think of him after?

Either way, I do not want to be that neighbor. After reading reason after reason why to join a mlm or network marketing company, after studying the suggested books about entrepreneurship and financial freedom, after watching videos of numerous success stories and hearing stories of  everyday people who made a difference in their life,  I would be an inconsiderate neighbor to not invite you to participate in what I enjoy most.

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