FedEx Stock raises dividends

FedEx Dividend Raised to 40 Cents

FedEx stock trading at around $165 a share raises its dividend to 0.40.

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FedEx stock raises some awareness.

A wealth strategy with investing is to buy dividend paying stocks. They are great to hold and sell for cashflow. But what is really required to make a decent return in the stock market?
FedEx raised its dividends from $0.25 quarterly to $0.40. What does that mean?
Spend about $16,500 (100 shares trading at $165) and receive $40 dividend quarterly.

How much is $40 quarterly worth to you?

Income producing assets

I am not a stock expert nor a financial adviser nor am I encouraging a buy or sell of any stocks on this blog.  But, if you follow Robert Kiyosaki or some other wealth gurus, you will hear the phrase; “Buy income producing assets.” If you have the money for stocks, FedEx appears to delver on that promise. (Yes, pun intended) However the question remains, without some sort of long term plan and strategy already in place, do you have about $16,000 to collect $40 quarterly? While it is an asset and has merit to own, think about this.

If FedEx got your attention with dividend raises, consider a residual income from MLM.

Network marketing or MLM pays monthly dividends called residual income. For a fraction of the money invested in stocks you can invest in a solid opportunity and put sweat equity into a company that your ownership pays monthly cash flow that is supplemental and comparable to job income. Making money in the stock market takes years, discipline and a plan. Making money in MLM takes years, discipline and a plan. The choice is always yours.
If FedEx raising its dividends gets your attention, it is a reason to look into MLM. You will love the kind of returns that are available.

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