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Detroit Closing Schools Today

Detroit School Problems. I love the city and the people there but corruption and bad choices have led to some serious issues in stability and simple organizations like public schools.

When I realized the harsh reality of the country I lived in…

I picked this story because it reminded me of the time when my eyes were opened to the harsh reality of the country I lived in. It was a sunny spring day and a beautiful time to be outside. The bike ride was cool and relaxing with a refreshing breeze. I rode up an unfamiliar street. There was an open area with a single building. Unable to be identified from afar, I rode closer to see what this place was. It soon became apparent I was in a school yard. There was no sound of little voices, no bells being rang, no kids playing outside. The place was silent. A little too silent. The grass growing between the cracks of concrete was overgrown. There was no one in sight for miles. The building was not even boarded up, it was just deserted. Broken out windows allowed me to see into the classrooms. Chalkboard still had assignments written on it. Desks were there, book shelves still had books. I picked up a notebook that contained homework assignments with the students name written on the top right corner. It was eerie. Something out of a sci-fi horror movie where the people just disappeared in an instant leaving behind there personal items. I could not think of a possible explanation or story line to what took place here. I was not in a war torn or third world country, I was in Detroit, in the US of A. I had never believed I could see such a scene as this within my own country but I learned.

We are not immune. Living in America did not mean I was safe or secure from whatever it was that led to this scene.

Detroit Abandoned School

We see and hear about the problems in Detroit because they are passed the point of still trying to cover things up and make it look like it’s not happening.

Teachers are on a “sick leave” strike today that is forcing the schools to close. Since they can not legally strike or complain they do the only thing they can; call out sick, to make their point. It comes after news that they will not be paid over the summer.

“There’s a basic agreement in America: When you put in a day’s work, you’ll receive a day’s pay”

Apparently not any more. That’s the truth of the world we live in. What we assume to be the case or what has been true for so long, one day no longer holds true. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done at that point. These problems are existing in Detroit but Detroit is not in isolation. Corruption, embezzlement, poor choices with government spending are things which can and are happening in other cities around the country. It is just not known yet. Soon you will see many other cities in similar situations and unfortunately it’s the hard working honest citizens that pay for it in the end.

MLM is not the only answer but it is a good path.

There are reasons why several major success stories in MLM come from former teachers. Right now teachers are at the bottom of the totem pole in governmental pay hierarchy. MLM offers the benefits of business ownership, entrepreneur-ism without the traditional time demands, paying overhead and dealing with the hiring process that most businesses encounter. MLM is a low up- front cost with potential for a great return.

The reason to join an MLM is because what’s happening in Detroit could just as easily be happening in your home town.

If not now, maybe in 5, 10 or 15 years from now, either way joining an MLM now will make you better prepared for what happens in your town.

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